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Best Bozeman Breweries

Best Bozeman Breweries

If you are one that loves to adventure and afterwards enjoys a nice local brewery, Bozeman, Montana is the place for you. Bozeman is littered with amazing breweries that all have their unique characteristics and rich history. The best part about it is you don’t have to just pick one. You can try them all! Just pace yourself because there are plenty. 

MAP Brewing Company’s mission is simple: craft and drink great beer.  Through hard work, enthusiasm, and passion they hope to enhance your journey. MAP Brewing Company focuses on delivering fresh, local, and high quality Montana beer served in a warm, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere.  Great craft beer, good times, and a welcoming community are the cornerstones of it all. Whether you ski, bike, fish, hunt, or just walk the dog…the MAP taproom is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy unparalleled views of the mountains while sipping on a fresh MAP Beer or sampling their fine menu!

Bridger Brewing was born from a belief that anything is possible and that, as a community, everything can be done better. Brewing delicious beer and making great food is just the start. Bridger Brewing strives to create community gathering places that give back and inspire others to do the same.

Founded in Bozeman, Montana in 2013, Bridger Brewing was born from a love of beer, an appreciation of good food and the desire to create a community gathering place. With locations in Bozeman and Three Forks, they are rooted in places we love and thirsty for new adventures.  Inspired by the pioneer spirit of those who came before, three men set out to create a place for people to gather, share a pint and a story. The idea was simple: brew good, do good. 

Beer has been a human tradition for ten thousand years. When we engage this tradition with a beginner’s mind, it opens the gate to boundless possibilities. This is how innovation happens.

Mountains Walking begins with a deep respect for the process of brewing, in which living organisms like yeasts collaborate with their ingredients to create a harmonious and delicious beverage. The result is an endless range of potential flavors and delights.

Their joy of brewing comes from watching this process very closely and discovering what each beer naturally wants to be. Brewing traditions from all over the world give them the tools they use. The farmers and the earth give them the ingredients. Their open mind gives them the desire to see what might happen next.

The brewery represents their commitment to a deep and respectful relationship with beer, their wood-burning hearth represents our pledge of hospitality to their guests.

Bozeman Brewing has been around longer than any other local brewery, but like the people who love to taste their new beer, they love to innovate. They have been dreaming up and crafting the freshest brews in town for nearly twenty years.

Now Gallatin Valley’s oldest brewery, Bozeman Brewing has grown since 2001 and now houses a 20-barrel Brewhouse, 18 fermenters, a canning line, and over 250 barrels in their sour beer cellar. They produce seasonal ales, lagers and sour beers, along with the regulars Bozone Amber, Hopzone IPA, Plum Street Porter, and Gallatin Pale Ale that are available in cans and on tap across Montana.  

From sustainability practices to giving back, Bozeman Brewing goes the extra mile for the Bozeman community and its surrounding environment.

Looking for some great activities while in the Bozeman area?  Check out the  Bridger Ski Foundation trails, or Crosscut Mountain Sports Center, Bozemans’s outdoor recreation center with miles of trails; and of course, be sure to return to one of these breweries for the perfect end to a day of adventuring. 


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