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Trying the Trackers: Bliz Sunglasses Review

Trying the Trackers: Bliz Sunglasses Review

Bliz is a Swedish eyewear maker that offers high performance, Scandinavian-inspired glasses and goggles at approachable price points. Already well-known and respected by professional athletes across the world, Bliz also has a whole host of cutting-edge products that will appeal to amateurs, adventurers and outdoor-lovers alike. Below is our review of the Trackers, a pair of sunglasses that are as at home on a world-cup Nordic course as they are on your weekly group ride. 

The Bliz Trackers are sunglasses made for real life. After wearing them during a random assortment of activities over the last month, I’ve decided there are three main ways in which these Swedish-made shades are especially well-suited for those of us who like to mix and match our outdoor adventures: they are flexible (in several senses of the word), they are rugged, and they are highly functional.


The first thing you might notice when you pick up a pair of trackers is that they are literally flexible: the temples and nose pad are made from a clever mix of rubber and wire, which allows you to easily mold the glasses to your own head. Indeed, the wire and the rigid composite material that makes up the rest of the frame render the glasses flexible without feeling remotely flimsy.

A better adjective might then be customizable: the frames can be molded to practically any face shape, while the included head strap, spare lenses, and replacement ‘jaw-bone’ (the part of the frame that clicks up and under the lenses) make the glasses totally modular and modifiable. You can easily adjust the Trackers based on the activity you’re using them for (perhaps clicking on the strap for cross country skiing, where speedy turns threaten to fling the glasses into the snow) or based on your individual style. To tamp down the white of my frame, for instance, I’ve swapped out the white ‘jaw-bone’ for the included blue spare.

All this adaptability also makes the Trackers incredible all-arounders: from hiking to skiing to cycling to boating, these glasses will perform well in any outdoor scenario. Hiking and boating, the polarized lenses provide excellent clarity even with heavy glare. When cycling, the adjustable nose pads and temples helps keep the glasses right where I want them—whereas all too often, a sweaty brow will make my glasses slip down.


From the hardened plastic frame to the ‘Unbreakable Polycarbonate’ lenses, the Trackers are designed to be extra impact-resistant, and therefore ready for whatever comes. This is both a safety feature and a practical one. The super-rugged lenses means that in the event of a fall, your eyes are well-protected, while also ensuring that the glasses themselves can stand up to the occasional drop. I hiked for hours on a rainy day with the glasses jostling around in my backpack with my gear: they were none the worse for wear. (I should mention the glasses come with a hard carrying case that ought to be used, despite their rugged build!)

You can tell just by handling these glasses: they are made to last. The hinge screws are stout and swing smoothly without feeling at all loose; when you take the glasses apart, nothing feels like its going to break or snap—somehow, they come apart easily, without feeling like they will come apart easily. The closest analogy I can think of is a car. Somehow a car can withstand huge pressures and rough roads, yet it comes apart into a thousand and one component parts, which can be replaced and rebuilt. On their own scale, the Trackers maintain this special balance between flexibility and rigidity.


As I’ve already mentioned, the polarized, 100% UV-protecting lenses offer excellent visibility in a variety of conditions. Part of this is due to the clever design of the adjustable nose piece, which enables the wearer to dial in the ventilation behind the glasses. By keeping the lenses just far enough off my face, the nosepiece has kept my glasses from ever fogging up, even in the sweatiest, most humid situations. Another unexpected benefit of this ventilation is that it limits the annoying condensation that can happen when you pair a mask or buff with glasses. Even outside of COVID masking, this is a benefit for those of us who like to bundle up our frosty faces on the ski trail.

Another aspect of the Trackers’ functionality worth noting is their casual stylishness. Although these are high-performance glasses, they don’t look overly technical. For folks that can’t quite get behind the big-lens trend in sports glasses, these provide a nice compromise between technical and casual looks.

Finally, for less than $100, it’s hard to beat the value of these Bliz glasses. You’re getting a whole lot of options and cutting-edge technology at a price tag that blows away much of the competition. With this taken into consideration, the Trackers really are the perfect pair of sunglasses to keep on hand for whatever adventure arises.

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Pete Wilson

Pete is a Vermont native with a lifelong love of being outside. Ever since he bushwhacked a ski trail through his parents’ property, he’s been hooked on getting into the woods--whether it’s on skis or snowshoes, or going out for a trail run or a long hike. He studied English at Carleton College, and now after four years in Minnesota is back in the Green Mountains exploring the endlessly beautiful and intriguing locales across the Northeast.


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