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Escape Mud Season in Mont-Tremblant

<strong>Escape Mud Season in Mont-Tremblant</strong>

Those from the Northeast often have the misfortune of experiencing a season which those in stabler climates rarely worry about. Stuck between February and April, “mud-season” is that awkward time of year before any greenery has peeked out, and after the snow has begun to melt. The result is a gray, muddy mess that stymies sedans on dirt roads, and lowers the spirits of outdoor enthusiasts eager for a dose of natural beauty. Because the snow is no longer good for skiing, and the road conditions are not yet ideal for running or cycling, this pesky shoulder season can be a blow to many an adventurer’s morale.

Thankfully though, New England does not have a monopoly on winter fun. Travel a few hours north, across the US-Canada border, and you’ll find nestled in the Laurentian mountains a ski destination with incredible spring snow and the infrastructure needed to enjoy it. Named for the 3,000-foot peak that the Algonquins called ‘trembling mountain,’ the Mont-Tremblant region is comprised of a large alpine ski resort and accompanying ski village, as well as a vibrant downtown area several miles to the south.  In fact, the area can be divided into five so-called districts: in addition to the downtown neighborhood and the Village, there’s also the protected lands of Domaine Saint-Bernard, the Mont-Tremblant Resort proper, and the Parc national du Mont-Tremblant to the north.

This dispersed layout is ideal for fatbikers and cross country skiers. When the snow is good (which it often is well into April) the whole region becomes a matrix of ski and bike paths, crisscrossing between different trail networks and swaths of forest. Once your accommodations are taken care of (read our recommendations here), Mont-Tremblant offers a variety of easily accessible adventures.

If you’re looking for a different perspective of the Laurentian wilderness, or if you just want a new kind of thrill, then fatbiking is an excellent option. With the wide array of equipment available—not to mention the endless terrain offered by the five districts of Mont-Tremblant—having a knowledgeable guide is by far the best way to feel out the region’s fatbiking trails.

Luckily, Mont-Tremblant has its own world-class guide service, fully stocked with the latest in fatbiking gear and staffed by seasoned Quebecois adventurers and sportspeople. The service is called D-Tour, and they’ve been leading visitors deep into the Mont-Tremblant backcountry for over a decade. D-Tour offers fatbiking tours at both the beginner and the intermediate level, for parties of any size. The more advanced ‘fatbiking experience’ takes riders on a looping, rolling journey along the intricate single-track trails that skirt the Riviére de la Diable and climb the foothills of Mont-Tremblant. And, in case you want to spice things up (or make the tour a tad less strenuous) be sure to check out D-Tour’s electric fatbike offerings!

As for cross country skiing, the Mont-Tremblant terrain is simply exceptional. Both the National Park and the Domaine Saint-Bernard offer sizeable networks of expertly groomed trails, as well as the facilities needed to access them. When paired with a meal at one of the delicious nearby eateries, a ski adventure at either of these venues can make for a perfect day of spring fun.

The Parc National du Mont-Tremblant—founded as the first such park in Quebec and the third in Canada—unrolls northward from the Village, spanning 1500 square kilometers of pristine wilderness, and over 400 bodies of water.

When snow-covered, much of this vast expanse is made accessible by almost 100 kilometers of trails, carefully groomed for skiers of all abilities to explore.

Before embarking on your spring skiing journey through the wilds of the park, be sure to start the day properly at Côté Bouffe, where a steaming café moka and a golden sandwich déjeuner (a Quebec classic that consists of a delicate croissant, loaded with ham, eggs and cheese) will set you and your team on the right track. Once on the park grounds, you can start your adventure at the Discover Center, where day passes can be purchased, equipment rented, and advice gathered. Be sure to give yourself ample time to meander through the rich variety of terrain offered on the park’s one-of-a-kind trail network—which includes long, picturesque lakeside loops, exciting hill climbs and descents, and cozy warming huts.

South of the national park, and just northeast of Mont-Tremblant’s downtown area, sits another equally intriguing spring ski venue. Spread across its own 1500 acres of protected forests and fields, Domaine Saint-Bernard has all the facilities necessary for guests to make the most of its exceptional environs. This includes rustic accommodations, guided tours and fitness classes, and, in the winter months, an impressive network of groomed ski trails, accompanied by a fully staffed ski school and shop. Trail passes and rental gear can be arranged with the folks in Le Grand Saint-Bernard building, or online. With over 80 kilometers of stunning trails and a team of certified ski instructors standing by to improve your technique, it would be hard not to enjoy a day cruising along the Saint-Bernard trails.

Once you’ve worked up a good sweat skiing under a bright, early-spring sun, it might be time for an après-ski meal and a drink. Reconvene with your group at the nearby P’tit Caribou, where you can tell tales from the trail over a delicious Wagyu Burger and a local IPA. This Mont-Tremblant establishment has a large menu to  choose from, so there’s sure to be something to please every palate.

In fact, this palate-pleasing quality is true for all Mont-Tremblant: even in the springtime, this Laurentian ski destination overflows with snow sport options, outdoor activities, and killer terrain fit for all manner of intrepid vacationers.

Whether you’re looking to give fatbiking a try, train your ski muscles, or just get one last taste of winter fun before returning to the muddy south, Mont-Tremblant has you covered.

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