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Destination – Stokely Creek Resort

Destination – Stokely Creek Resort

If you are a cross country skiing or mountain biking enthusiast and want to travel to one of the USA Today Top 10 Places in North America to ski and stay, Stokely Creek is your place! This all inclusive resort is a cross country skier’s dream. Just north of the U.S border and near Lake Superior, the views will leave you breathless and the consistent and perfect conditions will keep you coming back. The northern location, cooler temperatures, and being close to the lake are the perfect recipe for snowfall. There is a reason they call the region, “The Snow Machine.” If you want to fully immerse yourself in a majestic and remote location, spend your days skiing, snowshoeing, and eating delicious home cooked meals, look no further.

Picture this you wake up from your cozy lodge and step right into the wilderness, click into your skis, and you’re on the trails, ready to go. The terrain is ideal for cross country skiing. Bring your friends and family, and everyone will have something to enjoy. With over 25 kilometers of trails that are regularly groomed and well maintained, there are trails for every level of skier. Spend the day skiing with friends or take some time to yourself to immerse in the peacefulness and silence in the Stokely wilderness.

The Byker family purchased the resort in 2007 because they had a strong love for Stokely and have been skiing there for over 30 years. The Bykers wanted to maintain and grow Stokely Creek so that the generations after them can continue to enjoy it as much as they have. Dedicated to sharing the beauty of Stokely with others, the family has been maintaining the land and trails to make the accommodations comfortable for everyone who visits. It truly is a cross country skier’s dream. Along the trails you will find peace, solitude, and amazing views around their 9 undeveloped lakes.

Spend a day off your skis and strap on your snowshoes. The snowshoes trails are dotted with amazing views and wind through teh terrain for over 25km. Make your way all the way up the peak of King Mountain where you will see breathtaking views of Lake Superior. You can also find 6 warming huts along the trails to stop in at any time. Walk along the peaceful Stokely Creek, where you won’t want to miss stopping under the frozen waterfalls!

Venture up north two hours and you can take a guided tour of the ice caves on Lake Superior. The New York Times named them one the top 52 places to visit in 2019. The cold, wind, and pounded waters from the lake created these breathtaking ice formations. You will see caves, overhangs, and beautiful colors in the ice from the rock minerals. These ice caves are fascinating and something you don’t come across often. The elements line up to create a beautiful, unique and majestic adventure for you to experience.

After your full days of adventure, it is easy to relax and rejuvenate back at this all-inclusive resort. The Scandinavian style lodges are cozy and comfortable. There are fireplaces that fill multiple rooms, keeping them warm and relaxed. There are two saunas in which to recover your body after a day outside and a full waxing room to take care of your skis for tomorrow’s adventure. Plus, there are amazing homemade meals and fireside appetizers to refuel you, and a bar stocked with wine and beer to toast your adventure with! 

Stokely Creek Lodge has it all. It is the perfect vacation for outdoor enthusiasts that want to spend their days outside and fully engulfed in the things they love. Don’t be afraid to explore Stokely Creek in the summer as well. They have hiking and mountain biking along their trails. They are consistently voted a top destination with people keep coming back year after year. You may just fall in love with the peaceful tranquility and outdoor adventure that is Stokely Creek.

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Lily Ford

Lily has always had a love of being outdoors. She was born to be an outdoor enthusiast with a family full of skiers. She studied journalism and writing at the University of New Hampshire and went on to write for Men’s Journal. She is also a certified yoga teacher and writes the blog for the studio where she teaches. Lily strives to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You will find her outside running, skiing, or doing yoga whenever she can.


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