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Random Acts of Kindness Day – Feb 17

Random Acts of Kindness Day – Feb 17

Having a bad day or want to make a good day better?  Try a random act of kindness.  In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17th, reach out and do something for someone else – or the environment – and see it come back ten-fold in a feel-good by doing kind of way.

It can be as simple as picking up the trash you see on the sidewalk or on the trail to consciously recycling every recyclable thing in your house instead of just tossing it into the trash.  Verbally give thanks to the wilderness for being and allowing you to get outside and enjoy its’ amazing beauty and tranquility. Give back to the community by donating that bag of clothes you’ve stashed away – or clean out your closet and make a donation.  Go a little bigger and buy that cup of coffee or lunch for the person behind you – anonymously.  Call, reach out and go for a walk with a friend, call your mom or sibling that you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Volunteer your time.  Take your kid(s) out for a ski. Step outside your immediate world into the broader world and make someone’s day.  It will truly make yours.


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Holly Johnson

A 30+ year PR and marketing specialist in the areas of travel, tourism, sports, real estate, healthcare and hospitality, Holly transitioned into coaching after becoming selected to join Team New Balance in Sarasota, Fla. A late-blooming athlete, she got into long distance running after a short stint in Olympic distance triathlon, completing her first of 27 marathons in 1984. She has qualified for Boston 20 times and run the epic race six times. Her coaching business, Runner's Mindset, includes local coaching programs in Sarasota, Fla, and Vail, Colo., where she divides her time. She recently published her first book book titled "How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority", which is available on Amazon and


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