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Snowshoeing For Everyone

Snowshoeing For Everyone

There are many reasons to try snowshoeing. It gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air, it’s fun and can be enjoyed with family and friends. Plus, there is no need to be an expert!  All you have to do is learn to put them on your feet and go. It is great if you love hiking but the trails are snowed covered, snowshoeing makes it so you can still hike or build your own path keeping you above the snow. It is simple,  inexpensive and really good exercise. Check these listings to find some good places to start.



Whitewoods Snowshoes

Looking for an inexpensive pair of snowshoes to call your own?   Whitewoods snowshoes are a great option. They have a strong but lightweight frame that makes them great for walking on hard packed snow. Their spiked crampons are sturdy, helping you stay balanced and under control at all times, no matter the conditions.  Whitewoods Snowshoes also have the option to buy a full kit with adjustable poles and a storage bag for everything! You can find a store that sells Whitewoods listed  here.

The Whitewoods snowshoes  has an oversized toe crampon for a better and more comfortable grip making it also great for backcountry.  All of their snowshoes are made out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, 2mm polyethylene decking, and reinforced nylon deckers. You can see all their different options of snowshoes on their website, and find the perfect fit for your adventure. They have options for backcountry, light touring, or deeper snow!

Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon snowshoe is a smart choice as well. Based out of Boulder, Colorado they have different options of snowshoes to adhere to whatever kind of outdoor experience you want. The aluminum frame is the most traditional and the most common you see while out exploring. These have an aggressive crampon that digs deep into hardpack snow or ice. They are bigger with more surface area that help you float and maintain balance throughout all kinds of terrain. They have a simple pull strap binding which comfortably holds your foot in at all angles. 

Crescent Moon’s all-foam snowshoe is lightweight, and they bend and flex perfectly with your foot. These snowshoes are quiet, comfortable, and have a great grip making your experience enjoyable and more accessible.  The company recomends  Their Eva Foam Snowshoe  as a good first pair to try; it is perfect for hiking, walking, and running on rolling terrain and packed trails. The rocker platform allows it to bend with your foot the same way a running shoe would. There is a reason they are called ‘effortless’ and won Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards – Best Snowshoe of 2019.  Pick up a pair here!

Crescent Moon believes they have changed the way people will snowshoe with their innovative all foam designs.

As they are extremely lightweight, the Eva and Luna snowshoe are great options for snow running as well.  Learn more about how they are innovative and changing snowshoeing for the better in this video:

Snowshoeing is a great way to get outside and explore during the winter months. If it is walking the trails, running, or exploring,  snowshoeing  is one of the best ways to do so. All three of these snowshoes mentioned are great options for you to find the right pair to fit your needs.  You can’t go wrong snowshoeing; it is always fun, active, and the perfect way to get outside and explore.  See you on the trails or the backcountry!

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Lily Ford

Lily has always had a love of being outdoors. She was born to be an outdoor enthusiast with a family full of skiers. She studied journalism and writing at the University of New Hampshire and went on to write for Men’s Journal. She is also a certified yoga teacher and writes the blog for the studio where she teaches. Lily strives to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You will find her outside running, skiing, or doing yoga whenever she can.


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