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Rudy Project Sunglasses

Rudy Project Sunglasses

The renowned Italian cycling outfitter Rudy Project has called their Cutline “the eyewear choice for the 2020’s.” At first blush, this may seem like a bit of wishful thinking. Having worn them around for a few days, however, I am starting to see why these state-of-the-art shades are especially well suited for the new decade. From its slick style to its solid functionality, the Cutline more than keeps pace with the demands of an active 21st century lifestyle.

First, the look. Fully embracing the move over the last several years towards bigger lenses, Rudy Project has gone with a wraparound shield lens design that smoothly extends down to your cheekbones, just covering your temples. (As a practical matter, this feature also serves to keep dangerous road detritus from getting in behind the lenses.) At the same time, strong lines and subtle top vents give this pair of glasses a well-defined, almost retro frame-shape that keeps it from veering into visor territory. Add to this the Cutline’s removable edge bumpers, and it really does cut a totally unique and eye-catching figure. Rather than some overthought design that’s pretending to be futuristic, these felt to me like genuinely futuristic glasses made practical—cutting edge not because they are radically different, but because they create something new from the best of the old.

But enough about optics. What about performance?

If it’s true (and I’d argue it is) that one of the growing lifestyle trends as we head into the 20’s is the incorporation of exercise and wellness into our everyday routines, then the folks at the Rudy Project have made in the Cutline something that fits the bill finely. Easily adjustable and modular, these glasses can be adapted to any outdoor activity.

Before I started on my first ride in them, I followed the super-simple instructions and adjusted the moldable plastic nosepiece and temple—they quickly hugged my oddly shaped head and snout snugly, without feeling tight. I was worried about my sweat causing the frame to slip down my nose as I rode, but the glasses didn’t budge for over 30 miles of my dripping into them.

When running, the lightweight design paired with the adjustable frame made for much improved visibility, without any added drag and without anything bouncing heavily on my forehead.

If the weather changes dramatically, or you’re switching from cycling to skiing and need to adjust for the flatter light, you can swap the Cutline’s lenses in a matter of seconds. So far, I’ve been rocking the Multilaser Ice lenses, which have been stellar for eliminating the glare of the afternoon sun, without draining the breathtaking foliage colors of their vividness. And though it has been unusually humid as I’ve been testing the Cutline, its Powerflow lens venting has kept any sort of fog from accumulating.

At the end of any outing, you can simply slip the glasses back into their handsome hardcase, where they will be well protected against backpack jumbling and car trunk knockings. (Although these shades are so subtly eye catching, I can easily wear them into the rest of my day, without feeling they’re wildly out of place.) Whatever you’re doing to be active outside, the Rudy Project Cutline adds a reassuring layer of protection and sophistication.  Keeping you safe from the sun and the debris kicked up on gravel roads, and stylish as you cycle through town or sprint past park benches, this Italian-crafted eyewear has adventurous folks everywhere—and their corneas—well covered.

Suggested Retail Price: $209.99

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Pete is a Vermont native with a lifelong love of being outside. Ever since he bushwhacked a ski trail through his parents’ property, he’s been hooked on getting into the woods--whether it’s on skis or snowshoes, or going out for a trail run or a long hike. He studied English at Carleton College, and now after four years in Minnesota is back in the Green Mountains exploring the endlessly beautiful and intriguing locales across the Northeast.

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