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Best Women’s Cross Country Ski Boots: A Buyer’s Guide

Best Women’s Cross Country Ski Boots: A Buyer’s Guide

In anticipation of the first snowfall, many of us spend late autumn on the lookout for what’s new, interesting and affordable in the world of cross country ski gear. On the top of the docket are often a fresh pair of ski boots, which may be needed to upgrade your foot comfort, update your style or enhance your performance.

Historically, however, new boots for women just meant a new pair of poorly fitting men’s boots that had been clunkily scaled down to the rough size of women’s feet. This has, luckily, changed. In recent years, recognizing the anatomical particularities of women’s feet as opposed to men’s, cross country ski boot makers have been perfecting women’s boots that are designed around the feet that will really be occupying them. Below are some of the most accessible and versatile options available today, built to meet and exceed the needs of women skiers of all abilities.

Rossignol XC 5 FW Touring Boot

Made with adventure in mind, Rossignol’s X5 Women’s Touring boots prioritize all-terrain support and comfort.  A tall cuff and lace system ensure ankle stability whether you’re in pristine tracks thundering across the flats or cutting your own path through hills of deep powder—in which case the cinching cuff will keep the frigid white stuff out of your socks. To up the versatility of these already adaptable boots, Rossignol has added extra grip to their “Sport Sole,” which allows for easy walking on your way back to the lodge for a little post-ski social time. Retailing at $139.95, these boots provide all-day, all-condition warmth and security without breaking the bank. Equipped with extra insulation and a customizable, heat-moldable foot bed this is without a doubt a solid investment in reliable comfort. And when it comes to equipment for outdoor exploration, what’s a better investment than that?

Atomic Pro C1 Boot

Atomic’s Pro C1 boot blurs the line between the traditional touring boot and more performance-focused classic race boot. It features an integrated heel-lace system, that pulls the whole body of the boot snug around your foot, eliminating heel slippage. This combined with the C1’s “Live Fit” foam insole and a state-of-the-art sport outsole makes for a precise boot-to-ski connection, giving you improved control and agility on your skis. At the same time, the mid-cut ankle cuff retains much of the support you would find in a touring boot, giving you the confidence to blaze your own trail, set speed records on an old one, or simply spend a day meandering without any fear of ankle issues.  At a reatil price of $140, this is a great value.

Alpina T30 Eve

A go-to choice for women touring skiers, the udated Alpina T30 Eve features it’s own branded outsole which improves performance and underfoot stability.  They are a rugged, well-built boot whose solid insulation and firm ankle cuffs and heel counters make for cozy toes wherever you take them. Designed to give each woman wearer the best possible fit, the Eve laces up tight to the contours of your foot, snugging its layer of Thinsulate until it provides a protective, high-performing connection to your skis. Alpina is dedicated to using only the toughest materials in their manufacturing process, which ensures not only a comfortable, secure fit for a ski outing, but for all the outings to come. At $150 MSRP, these boots might be the gift that keeps on giving this winter, able to take a beating and remain sturdy and supporting—throughout whatever the trails to come might throw at them.

Salomon Vitane Prolink

Melding Salomon’s signature sleek black boot style with a sturdy touring boot structure, the Vitane Prolink is a lightweight, well-insulated option for ladies looking for dependable, stylish skiwear. Especially if you like a bit of breathing room between your feet and your boots, the Prolink has widened the normal women’s boot mold slightly, while maintaining the snug heel and curved instep. This added comfort combined with their fleece lining eliminates discomfort and lets you focus on what really matters when you’re out on the trail: exploring the sweetest ski spots, and having a blast while doing so. And when you click out of your skis, the Prolink’s extra outsole grip with just the right amount of flex allows for safe, natural walking wherever you head after your wintery wander. Retailing at a hard-to-beat $115, these boots come loaded with affordable features, altogether yielding a solid and eye-catching addition to your ski setup.


Fischer XC Control My Style

The name of these bold Fischer boots says it all. The subtly supple ankle cuff provide excellent stability and efficient power transfer between body and ski, maximizing your control over your movements; at the same time neatly contoured lines adorn a sleek modern outer membrane, keeping your look just as on point as your technique. Rest assured, this membrane is not only modish, but waterproof and breathable as well, letting the sweat escape while the snow sheds easily off and away from your comfortably insulated feet. Solid, thoroughly stylish, and performance-oriented, these boots are bound to elevate your stride and enrich your ski day, from the ground up. The My Style’s retail at $159, though they can easily be found on sale for less.

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