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The Perfect Lightweight Backpack

The Perfect Lightweight Backpack

When you’re hiking, taking long trips in the outdoors, or skiing, it takes a lot of gear, layers, and even food. The best thing to take with you is a backpack loaded with everything you need but won’t take away from you being able to perform the way you want while outdoors. The REI Co-op Flash 22 Pack backpack is the most versatile and works for all different types of adventures.

At $54.95, this REI Co-Op Flash 22 Pack is the perfect lightweight backpack to take with you on foot or on skis. The straps are a stretchy padded mesh that make it comfortable and easy on your shoulders and neck. Bags can get heavy when you are wearing them all day but this one has the extra support and fit you need to keep moving. The backpack is breathable and the mesh is soft, making it easy to wear. It weighs about 13 ounces and its gear capacity is 22 Liters. There are straps on the outside of that bag that loop and help with extra gear or to make the bag more compact. You also have the waist strap and the clip over your chest to make it easier to wear and to help maintain the weight. You never have to think twice about carrying it on your back. One of the best parts of the bag is you can remove the back panel and use it as a sit pad for campfires or breaks in the snow. 

This is the best day pack and great for any adventure you want to take on. You can find these backpacks online or at any local REI.

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Lily Ford

Lily has always had a love of being outdoors. She was born to be an outdoor enthusiast with a family full of skiers. She studied journalism and writing at the University of New Hampshire and went on to write for Men’s Journal. She is also a certified yoga teacher and writes the blog for the studio where she teaches. Lily strives to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You will find her outside running, skiing, or doing yoga whenever she can.

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