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Mountain Yoga – A Breath Above

Mountain Yoga – A Breath Above

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga! It improves your flexibility, relaxes your mind, builds strength, protects you from injury and it is the perfect activity to add to the active lifestyle of skiing, biking, hiking, plus so much more.

Yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape and your mind at ease. When you are traveling to a new area there will always be a studio to try or a new place to practice yoga, especially one surrounded by the outdoors, and in beautiful settings.

There are many different styles of yoga and each has different benefits for your body and mind. Yoga is a physical experience using guided breath, meditation, and exercise. Originating in ancient India it has grown to be popular in modern life because of its benefits mentally and physically. 

Yoga retreats are a great way to get out of your routine and try something new. There are many places you can go but a great option is to add it onto a trip to the mountains. Lots of areas that have places to ski, hike, and explore the outdoors also  have yoga studios that offer classes throughout the day.

Lone Mountain Ranch

If you are looking for an outdoor retreat The Lone Mountain Ranch would be the perfect spot. Located in Big Sky, Montana it is the perfect place to change up your routine and add it to some outdoor adventure. You can enjoy the beautiful views, fresh air, and the spa while also getting taught by certified yoga teachers! It is the best of both worlds. In the winter you can go out and enjoy their nordic trails during the day and wind down with yoga at night! To change it up, enjoy a morning yoga stretch before hitting the trails! 

The Lone Mountain Ranch has 85km of nordic trails and has been voted #1 Nordic Ski Destination by Cross Country Skier’s Magazine. They have everything from leisurely rollers to intense terrain. For added excitement and adventure, you can also enjoy 30 km of snowshoe trails outside of the nordic trail system. If you are lucky you can time it with a full moon and get a  guided night tour. During the summer they offer horseback riding, fly fishing, white water rafting, and youth adventure programs. A must for every age group and ability! 

Practicing yoga or getting a massage from the Lone Mountain Ranch Spa actually helps you acclimate to the high altitude faster. They offer a vinyasa style class that  warms up your body,  and relaxes your mind, all while helping your body recover from a day of outdoor adventures. Their yoga studios and spas are located right in the original lodge. The Lone Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to bring all your favorite activities into one place.

Crested Butte, CO

Crested Butte is another great retreat and outdoor environment to practice your yoga and explore a new area. You can book a room at the historic Elk Mountain Lodge where they offer a peaceful and relaxed stay. They are located just two blocks away from Mount Crested Butte ski area, and four blocks away from the nordic trails. It has the perfect feel of a cozy and warm mountain lodge. From there you are just a block away from Elk Avenue Crested Butte’s historic and bright main street with shopping, museums, and amazing restaurants. 

Also, on Elk Avenue is Thrive Yoga a community of yoga instructors that provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. They offer many different classes that support you whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for a long time. They are there to provide growth and personal development with the practice of yoga! The instructors are qualified, fun, and teach multiple styles of classes. They offer 10 different types of classes and a meditation class. You will always have something new to try. If you are a beginner to yoga or well experienced, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day exploring the mountains, skiing, or hiking. 

Crested Butte Nordic offers 55 kilometers of trails around the town that are groomed and offer skiing and snowshoeing lessons and tours while exploring the terrain with an experienced guide. The Magic Meadows Yurt is synonymous to fine dining in the gorgeous setting of Slate River Valley. You can travel to the yurt by cross country skiing or snowshoeing! Dinner and brunch are offered in the yurt that is easily accessed by groomed trails. This is the best place to go after a morning of yoga or to wind down with yoga after a day on the trails.


If you are looking to get out into the mountains for a yoga retreat Wanderlust Festival is a great one to attend. For the last decade, Wanderlust has been bringing together the yoga community at resorts to teach yoga classes, listen to music, and learn from expert teachers. These festivals cater to anyone and everyone that wants to deepen their practice or to learn more about yoga. Stratton Mountain  hosts a Wanderlust Festival, but you can also keep your eye out for others in your area because they have them all over the world. It is the perfect balance of being in the outdoors, enjoying nature, and getting the benefits of a yoga practice. You should expect to learn, explore, listen, practice, and taste!   

Making it to Wanderlust is a big commitment, but if it seems like something you may want to do, you can start at one of their destination studios. The studio is the perfect place to go to get a taste of Wanderlust. If you are ever in Squaw Valley, CA they have their own destination studio there.   

There are so many places in the world to practice yoga. It doesn’t need to be in your home or in your local studio. It is equally good for you to go out and try it in a whole new location. Add it onto your outdoor adventure whether it’s skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing. Yoga and adventure go together well for a perfect getaway!

About The Author

Lily Ford

Lily has always had a love of being outdoors. She was born to be an outdoor enthusiast with a family full of skiers. She studied journalism and writing at the University of New Hampshire and went on to write for Men’s Journal. She is also a certified yoga teacher and writes the blog for the studio where she teaches. Lily strives to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You will find her outside running, skiing, or doing yoga whenever she can.


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